The session of First Presbyterian Church has approved a plan to establish a columbarium in the courtyard. As of April 2019, the courtyard is being prepared for the installation of the first columbarium unit, which is anticipated to arrive in May 2019. [Some of the documents on this page relate to an earlier plan; for the most current information please contact the church office.]

  • For a brochure about the columbarium, click here.
  • To see the policy and procedures that will govern the columbarium, click here.
  • To view and print the Niche Reservation Application, click here
  • To pay the Niche Reservation Fee by credit card, please do not use the contribution link.  Instead, please use this link.
  • To see a reservation map of the columbarium niches, click on the image below. (This map cannot be used to reserve niches.  It shows only niches available for reservation.)

Columbarium Wall

What is a columbarium?


A columbarium is a dedicated setting for the reverent disposition of cremated remains of the dead. The primary component is a structure containing niches, uniform in size, of the capacity to hold the cremated remains of one or two people, covered by a uniform granite plate inscribed in uniform fashion with names and dates of birth and death. The committal of ashes in a columbarium is the theological and liturgical equivalent of the committal of a body to the earth, “in sure and certain hope of the resurrection.”


Where will it be?


The columbarium as a whole will be the current courtyard—the fenced outdoor space between the sanctuary and the education building. The structure containing niches will be a horizontal, "ellipse" style structure. The courtyard will be landscaped as a space appropriate for current uses, services of committal, and reflection and prayer. 


When will it be available?


We hope that the columbarium will be available in mid-2019.

Who may reserve a space?

Niches may be reserved by current or past members of First Presbyterian Church; spouses of members; natural or adopted children, step-children, or grand-children of members; parents or step-parents of members; and current or past ministers of the church. The structure will also have space where people can be memorialized without a niche.

What is the cost?

A one-time fee confers the right to exclusive use of a niche for the cremated remains of one or two persons. This fee includes the cost of inscriptions on the niche plate, but it does not include costs such as professionally licensed cremation and the purchase of urns or other appropriate containers for ashes. These fees have been calculated to include costs of building the facility, costs of engraving, and costs for ongoing care of the columbarium in its entirety.

The current fee for each niche is $4,000. The anticipated fee for having a name engraved in the memorial section of the columbarium is $750.

How is a niche reserved?

Specific niches, identified by number, may be reserved upon payment of the fee and execution of required documents. The administration and management of the columbarium is under the authority of the Session. Please see the full “Columbarium Policies” document for more information or contact Jim Davis at 850-222-4504.  Links to the Niche Reservation Form and the portal for paying the fee by credit card are posted here and at the top of this page.

How can I support the Columbarium Fund?



Gifts to the Columbarium Fund for landscape features, as memorials, and as planned gifts, will be gratefully received. Gifts may be made through the "Give Now" button on this website or by check 

to "First Presbyterian Church Columbarium Fund."



Sample Urn

These urns will be available for purchase from the church.

Families may also provide their own urn or other container.

Urns in_niche

Niches will be 8 x 8 inches

with capacity to contain two urns or containers.

This photo shows two urns in one niche.

April 23, 2019
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