Help the Copelands Celebrate Retirement by Giving to the Super Pups program at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.


Through your generous support and in partnership with the Tallahassee Memorial Children's Center and Surgical Services, the TMH Foundation is helping to launch the SuperPup program. SuperPup is a comfort, stuffed animal that will be given to children as they are admitted to the hospital or surgical unit.


As children proceed through the care that is needed, SuperPup will be by their side. If a child needs a cast, SuperPup will also get a cast. If it is a shot that is needed, SuperPup can get a shot, too. From bandages to breathing treatments, SuperPup will be alongside children to bring the comfort and security they need.

SuperPup is a product of the Vermont Teddy Bear company and comes with a lifetime guarantee. If anything happens to SuperPup, the animal may be sent back to the Bear Hospital (Vermont Teddy Bear) to be nursed back to health.  


You can provide a child with the gift of comfort by purchasing a SuperPup for $40.

TMH cares for 1,500-2,000 children annually who would qualify by age/need to receive a SuperPup.


In celebration of their upcoming retirement, Brant S. Copeland, pastor of First Presbyterian Church since 1985, and his wife, Alexandra (Andra, among long-time friends), Director of First Presbyterian Preschool since 1993, are raising funds to help kick off the TMH SuperPup Program. Rev. Copeland and Alexandra both have a heart for children and a strong connection to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. Rev. Copeland serves on the Tallahassee Memorial Board of Directors and Alexandra serves on the TMH Patient Family Advisory Council. Thank you, Copelands, for giving so much of your time, energy, talent and heart to serve our community and TMH. Your efforts will bring so much joy and comfort to children and their families. Thank you!



October 28, 2020
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