Ministries Support Team


            The Ministries Support Team has numerous responsibilities, including but not limited to those previously undertaken by the Stewardship, Personnel, and Property Councils. In general, this team is charged with maintaining the infrastructure and tools the church needs to carry out its mission by fostering responsible stewardship, administering church finances, and overseeing personnel and property issues. Specific tasks or areas of responsibility are listed below.


In the area of stewardship and finance, the team:


1.Cultivates the grace of generosity, encouraging all members of the congregation to use their gifts to the glory of God, and providing information regarding opportunities for service;


2.Plans and carries out a program to receive pledges and offerings, educates members regarding opportunities for planned giving, and thanks those who give financially or otherwise;


3.Through the Finance Committee, prepares the annual program budget for Session approval;


4.Nominates a Treasurer;


5.Carries out a program for the receipt, counting, recording, disbursement, and short-term investment of regular and special offerings, and monitors the performance of funds invested with the Presbyterian Foundation or elsewhere;


6.Works with the Financial Secretary to keep accurate records and submit necessary reports;


7.Proposes financial policies and strategies for approval by the Session;


8.Appoints a Financial Review Committee to perform an annual financial review.

In the area of general administration, the team:

1.In keeping with the Book of Order, administers membership rolls and records, including regular review of the membership rolls by the Session or a working group established for that purpose; administers congregational elections, congregational meetings, and elder training and ordination;


2.Drafts and maintains an operations manual for the Session, including a sexual misconduct policy and any other policies or procedures required by the Book of Order or Presbytery;


3.Facilitates long-term planning and calendar coordination;


4.Provides support for the annual nomination of elders and trustees through a Nominating Committee;


5.Recommends to the Session a member (who does not need to be an active elder) to serve as Church Historian, and oversees the word of the Church Historian; maintains historical archives; and fosters an appreciation for the history of First Presbyterian Church.


In the area of personnel matters, the team:

1.Recommends to the Session a staffing pattern appropriate to the mission of First Presbyterian Church;


2.Works with the pastor to evaluate, oversee, and support the staff;


3.Meets regularly with the staff, both ordained and nonordained, to encourage them in their

ministries, to assess their needs, and to aid their professional growth and development;


4.Regularly examines the pay and benefits provided ordained and nonordained staff in order to assure that employees are paid fairly and in keeping with the church’s commitment to social justice, and make recommendations to the Session;


5.Recommends to the congregation changes in the pastor’s terms of call;


6.Creates and maintains appropriate job descriptions for ordained and nonordained staff;


7.Proposes to the Session and maintains personnel policies.


In the area of property management, the team:


1.Recommends to the Session policies for the stewardship of the Education and Westminster Buildings, with the aim that they be used to the glory of God, for service to the community, and with a view to fulfilling the Session’s commitment to being a carbon-neutral congregation;


2.Recommends policies for the stewardship and historic preservation of the sanctuary;


3.Maintains a schedule of maintenance and repair for all church facilities, including the sanctuary and organ; assesses long-term maintenance needs of church facilities and recommends to the Session a plan to meet those needs;


4.Maintains the buildings and grounds with regard to accident prevention and the safety of both persons and property, including maintaining adequate security, fire protection, and insurance;


5.Oversees the proper use of property and equipment, including the kitchen on the main floor of the Education Building, and recommends policies for the use of church facilities and equipment by members and non-members;


6.In conjunction with other teams, as appropriate, provides for the purchase and maintenance of equipment, including office equipment, telephones, audio/visual equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances;


7.With the Administrative Assistant and pastor, monitors the janitorial and short-term maintenance needs of the church and develops plans to meet those needs, including identifying needs that can be met by church members or volunteers;


8.Works with First Presbyterian Preschool, Inc., to assure that Preschool facilities meet the health, safety, and educational requirements of the Preschool’s program.

October 28, 2020
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